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Healthy Initiatives™
47 million Americans – including nearly 9 million children – lack health insurance.
More than 19 million women are uninsured in this country, and women are more likely than men to delay or not get medical care because of high costs.

AARP studies show that women are more often at risk during retirement because they lack one of more of the four basic pillars: Social Security, pensions and savings, earned income and health care coverage.
The mental and physical well being (health) of the community is addressed through educational workshops, free health screenings and access to care. Tri-Coastal has partnered with many area health providers to offer such workshops, (i.e., cancer awareness, STD education and testing, cardiovascular Disease, medication recognition and many others).

The health of a community is directly effected by the amount of knowledge in which it possesses.


Help us continue to provide educational classes that inform and empower community residents by giving $50.00 towards supplies such as (blood pressure monitors, diabetic kits and lances).





Tri-Coastal Community Outreach.
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