Items listed below are some of the items that are needed to pack this years back packs.

Thanks From Tri Coastal Community Outreach.

Tri-Coastal Community Outreach.

10520 Hwy 188, Grand Bay, Alabama 36541 



Boxes of 24 count crayons
Boxes of markers
Boxes of pencils
Bottles of school glue
Packs of glue sticks
Packs of washable watercolors
Packs of construction paper
Pairs of safety scissors
Packs of play dough
Rest mats
Bottles of Soap
Bottles of hand sanitizer
Boxes of Kleenex
Rolls of paper towels
Packs of sponges
Packs of dry erase markers
Boxes of food coloring
Boxes of gallon sandwich bags
Boxes of quart sandwich bags
Packs of glitter
Cans of shaving cream
Boxes of baby wipes
Lunch Bags
Notebook Paper 
Pencils and Pens (Red, Black ,and Blue) 
Pencil and Pen Packs 
Hand Held Pencil Sharpeners
2" Binder 
4 Pocket Folders
1 Composition Books
Index Cards 3x5 
Colored Pencils
1" Binder
Colored Pencils
2 packs of Index Cards 3x5
Metric Ruler
Dry Erase Markers with eraser
Dry Eraser 
Graphing Paper Notebook






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