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Working together for the common good permeates everything we do.
The world we share, the communities we serve and the lives we touch fosters community responsibility, which impacts our society with change.

Phase I of Project School Box, fills back packs with school supplies.

Phase II of Project School Box refills those back packs with school supplies in January.


Here are some of the pictures from this years school supply distribution. You should have seen the smile on the faces of the children when they found out that the fruit cups and cans were for them.

It brighten up a rainy day.



School Box:
Are you looking for a way to do more?
Hundreds of children are helped each year with backpacks filled with supplies.
In light of the hardships many families are now facing, all communities could use some help with school supplies.
A college degree is usually the number one route out of poverty for many young adults. A college education is said to elevate an individual’s earning potential and bring nearly $1 million in spending power back to that person’s community over their lifetime. However, Mobile County has a 50% high school drop out rate. The potential future of the county is at risk.
With your help, we can give each child (grades K-12) the supplies needed to have a more successful year of learning. We are working to make the process successful for all children going to school. Alabama is the 7th poorest state in the nation. Over 1 in 6 Alabamians – and almost 1 in 4 children – live below the federal poverty line; it’s getting harder for parents to make the hurdle of providing adequate supplies for their children returning and staying in school.
A $25 donation will supply one child with a backpack filled with supplies to do their best in school.


Items needed for
Project School Box 
Phase I & II can be found here in a printed version.


Supplies can be donated any time of the year.





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