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Update From The Director


The oil has stopped flowing from the wellhead. Now, unpaid claims, livelihoods lost, no replacement jobs, no affordable health care, increase food cost, increase gas cost, war, unrest, tornados, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, upheaval, and no sense of direction towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Where do we go from here?

If ever there was a time for us to band together and help one another, it is now. Iím not talking about throwing your hand up and speaking to your neighbor, but taking 10-15 minutes and finding out how they are doing and if possible how you can help them. If you are one, who is waiting on the government, whether local, state or federal, to ride to your rescue, youíre going to be disappointed. Your government needs your help. They donít know everything . And there is nothing wrong with that, they are not Godís. They are people, just like you and I. People, who have God given ideas, just like you. We have what it takes. Just start believing. This is no movie, its real life, as real as it gets. This is the real "Reality Show", the movie is over. Let's make it happen. Lend your hands to your neighbor today.

I always feel better after I have helped somebody else. I know the act is to help someone else, but the added bonus is that you feel so good after. cool huh, and you will sleep better tonight. I promise.


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Tri-Coastal Community Outreach.
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