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One year after Hurricane Katrina some volunteers felt that it was time to end the toy room. I had always piled toys on blankets in the middle of the floor. This allowed children time to sit and play with toys before they chose the ones they really wanted. Toys were strung with cording around the walls and piled in the middle of the floor.
One morning a little girl was in the room alone. We talked about the little white poodle she had under her arm. I asked if she liked it and she said yes. She told me that she lost “Candy” in the hurricane and that Candy was her poodle. At the tender age of 6 she had learned what loss really felt like in a major way. I could not give her the pet she had lost, but I would help her find ownership again; something that she could hold on to. The little white stuffed toy puddle was her start and her smile told the rest.
Tri-Coastal has kept a toy box from that time until now.


Focused on financial literacy development in children. We give children Santa Dollars™ each year and allow them the opportunity to chose unwrapped gifts with their dollars. This method help a child to build self-esteem, confidence, decide how much their dollar is worth and support a cause.

Tri-Coastal Community Outreach would like to thank all the donors that gave to make the “2015 On Wings of Doves” Christmas assistance program a smashing success. Every year the program succeeds it’s previous number of children helped. Over 2340 little ones have enjoyed a bright and exciting holiday because of your generosity.
And, to our Volunteer Santa’s Helpers, I know how crazy your Christmas holiday preparations are, that is why I so appreciated you taking the time out to come to this years event and working so many tireless hours to prepare for the big day and for helping children from all over select gifts for themselves and their parents.

Thank you all for making it an amazing event.




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