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S.H.A.R to Share

A focus on hunger and nutrition, our belief is that all people deserve
to eat a healthy and filling meal everyday. A belief that says children
nor adult have to go to bed hungry or that children have to rush to
school because they will eat, but where they run to school to learn new
exciting skills that will propel them into a bright future.
IAAY ( It's All About You)™Programs that explore

Financial Fitness™

Learn what your real relationship is with money and how to make your
hard earned dollars work for you in order to plan a better future for
you and your loved ones.


Healthy Initiatives™
Workshops that teach a healthier way of living for a longer and more
prosperous lifestyle.


Project School Box™
Children that are prepared for the school day have a greater chance of success.

Youth In Action™
This program gives children the opportunities to volunteer within their
local community, earn community service hours, build courage to give
back in the future and know that they can help to make change wherever life takes them.

On The Wings of Doves™

It saddens us greatly that due to Covid-19 concerns our program will not be happening this year.

Every child deserves to wear a smile on their face and to find their potential. Our focus is on financial literacy in action. We give children Santa Dollars™ each year and allow them the opportunity to purchase unwrapped gifts with their dollars. This can help a child build self-esteem, confidence, gain decision making skills, and decide how much their dollar is worth.

Tri-Coastal Community Outreach would like to thank all the donors that give every year to make On Wings of Doves” Christmas Assistance program a smashing success. Over 2340 little ones have enjoyed a bright and exciting holiday because of your generosity. Keep the good work up.

To our Volunteer Helpers, Tri-Coastal appreciates you for working so many tireless hours preparing for the big day and for helping children from all over select gifts for themselves.

As always, Thank you for making it an amazing event.